Energy Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) designs and delivers energy efficient lighting solutions to commercial property owners and municipalities. EMA maintains a single-minded focus on customer service, performance and reliability. As a private energy and lighting company, we identify and implement lighting solutions for property owners to combat rising energy costs, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate maintenance costs. Each property is unique. EMA consults with asset managers, contractors, engineers, and property owners to establish the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions.

We specialize in retrofitting retail, office, warehouse, parking lots, common area and interior lighting with LED fixtures and retrofit kits throughout the United States.  Every product is listed with UL and is DLC approved. Furthermore, EMA provides owners with documentation to capitalize on available utility rebates and tax deductions.

  • EMA creates a design/build environment where client and contractor work together to determine cost effective design solutions
  • EMA delivers solutions for multiple lighting applications
  • Our services include: site review; photometric study, comprehensive energy usage analysis, coordination and installation , if needed
  • We have procured third party financing partners that can fund the improvements, greatly diminishing upfront costs
  • The products we support decrease energy consumption by at least 50% while improving light levels
  • EMA’s extensive due diligence process focuses on determining an accurate, comprehensive and cost effective lighting solution for your property

Critical to EMA’s success is the ability to provide the customer a solution that costs less to operate and maintain which meet federal and state energy efficiency standards while maintaining high quality lighting for commercial property. EMA supplies multiple product lines and established strategic alliances with companies that produce the highest quality yet cost effective fixtures.


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