Energy Management Associates Energy Audit

To determine the size of your opportunity to save energy and maintenance costs as well as emissions we have 3 simple steps to complete to know accurately what the cost/value of the lighting implementation is at your site/s:

Three easy steps to improve energy efficiency

Step 1 – Gather the following data, which will remain strictly confidential:

The total number of lighting fixtures for property and parking structures (if available) or we can visit your property to gather this data on your behalf, an electric bill from a winter and summer month to determine kwh rate, and the last year of maintenance costs associated with your lighting fixtures.

Send the data on any property you would like audited and we will forward you a cost estimate of the fixtures, installation cost, before and after energy costs/savings, as well as environmental impact.

Step 2 – Next we need to survey the site

If the financials fall inline with your budget, we need to survey your site and finalize the cost the installation including install of pendant mounts as well as other fixtures that could benefit from an upgrade..

We will put together a full proposal at this stage, outlining the lighting technology, the process that we have been through to evaluate the costs, the opportunity for optimization and the savings. We will also include the terms and conditions, our guarantees, insurances and also relevant case studies. The proposal is intended to act as a full report that can be taken straight to the decision makers to demonstrate the business case.

Step 3 – Installation

Delivery and installation will be arranged at a time that best suits your operational requirement and the lighting fixtures can be installed by either your preferred electrical contactor or one of our approved installation contractors.
Installation time varies with the size of the project with our priority to minimize the required shut down time. 
We guarantee to stay with our ROI calculation and provide you with all warranty information on the fixtures and on your installation.

Let’s stop wasting energy!!!