Our Focus

“To create value for property owners by implementing innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for applications that make good financial sense.”

       Energy Management Associates Inc. (EMA), is a private lighting company that identifies and implements LED lighting solutions for property owners to combat rising energy costs and reduce existing energy consumption while providing high quality lighting
•       EMA creates a design/build environment where client and contractor work together to determine cost effective design solutions
•       EMA obtains the most cost effective product to meet any application
•       We specialize in retrofitting/upgrading parking lots/garages, retail office, warehouse property, common area and interior lighting with energy efficient LED fixtures in commercial properties nationwide
•       Our services include a site review, energy audit, photometric study, comprehensive energy usage analysis, logistics and installation. Additionally, we provide the necessary documentation to obtain all rebates and incentives
•       EMA’s extensive due diligence process focuses on determining an accurate and comprehensive lighting solution for your project